Article: Faced with setback, UNO paid a visit to Brazil to assess the fight against torture

Read the opinion article on the visit to the 3rd UN visit to Brazil to analyze the fight against torture in the country

Read the opinion article signed by Carolina Diniz, advisor on the Combating Institutional Violence program at Conectas, Mateus Oliveira Moro, Public Defender of the State of São Paulo, Railda Alves, one of the founders of the Association of Friends and Relatives of Prisoners and Sylvia Dias, representative of APT (Association for the Prevention of Torture) in Brazil. Published in the newspaper Estadão, the article talks about how Brazil is the only country lagging behind, among the 91 signatories of the SPT (Subcommittee for the Prevention of Torture), in the implementation of public policies on the subject. As a result, the SPT has to visit Brazil to assess the agenda for combating torture, three times in a space of 10 years

“The presence of the UN is an opportunity to put a stop to any setbacks that distance us from a democracy and to remind us all that the prohibition of torture is a permanent responsibility; not only of the three powers of the State, but of all of us”, they said in the article.

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