Anonymous group combating fake news suffers persecution in Londrina

The case resembles other recent attacks on sectors of society attempting to prevent the circulation of fake news

Judge Ana Paula Caimi, of the State Court of Rio Grande do Sul Judge Ana Paula Caimi, of the State Court of Rio Grande do Sul

An investigation by the Federal Police in the city of Londrina, in the state of Paraná, has found that Sleeping Giants Brasil, the anonymous group combating fake news in the country, has suffered retaliation from political adversaries through persecution by public institutions. 

On Monday, August 24, Judge Ana Paula Caimi, of the State Court of Rio Grande do Sul, ordered that Twitter inform the profile data and IP addresses of the group’s members, in an attempt to block the progress of the movement.

The case caused shock, prompting approximately 50 civil society organizations, such as WWF Brasil and Uneafro, to release a joint statement of condemnation against what they consider political persecution and censorship.

The organizations cited similar recent cases, such as the anti-fascist file and the federal government’s attacks on the press in an attempt to silence opponents.

Sleeping Giants, the group defended in the statement, has excelled in mobilizing citizens to unite against major sponsors of websites and blogs that spread fake news. 

In the statement, the organizations note that the success of Sleeping Giants is the reason why the anonymous group is being persecuted.

The judge handling the case does not believe that the right to freedom of expression has been abused by the movement, and so there is no reason to delete the work of the group on the social networks. 

“If no crime has been committed, what is the justification for requiring platforms to provide data?” stressed the judge. 

With the investigation in progress, the organizations stand in solidarity with Sleeping Giants Brasil and confirm in the statement that they will remain strong in their efforts to combat the fake news industry. 

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