Amendment 95: organizations criticize its social impacts

Foto: Lúcio Bernardo Jr./Câmara dos Deputados Foto: Lúcio Bernardo Jr./Câmara dos Deputados

On Thursday, December 14, civil society organizations took part in a public hearing in the Lower House of Congress to discuss the consequences of Constitutional Amendment 95, which imposes a cap on public spending, a year after its approval.

The overall assessment by Conectas and the other organizations that form the Dhesca Platform, an economic, social, cultural and environmental rights coalition, is that the spending cuts will have a direct impact on the poorest in society.

The reduction of the budget for public policies in strategic social areas has been as high as 83% in recent years due to the austerity policies introduced since 2015. The data is part of a study conducted by Inesc (Institute for Socio-Economic Studies), Oxfam Brasil and CESR (Center for Economic and Social Rights). Amendment 95, however, could make this situation even worse.

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The organizations argue that the budgetary cuts established by Amendment 95 pose a threat to the social investments that preserve human rights. To stop Amendment 95 from deepening the social divide in the country, the organizations of the Dhesca Platform have launched a campaign to revoke the amendment.

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