A manifesto, where some organizations call for free, fair and peaceful elections in 2022

A Document on the Pact for Democracy movement defends a pact between sectors of civil society to curb attacks against the Brazilian electoral system

Foto: Pacto pela Democracia
Foto: Pacto pela Democracia

This Wednesday (24th of November), the Pact for Democracy, a coalition with 188 civil society organizations, among which is Conectas, launched a manifesto that calls on various sectors in the society to take on the responsiblity of confronting any threats that may put the 2022 elections at risk.

The manifesto “A pact for free, fair and peaceful elections in 2022” highlights that next year’s elections will most likely be a challenging one, considering the threats of coups, attempts to delegitimize the electoral system and attacks on several institutions of the Republic and actions promoted in recent times by the federal government, the texts stated.

The coalition also reinforces that it will take “a broad, plural and continuous effort dedicated to protecting the elections and ensuring that they are free and fair […] so that the results can be widely respected and trusted,  and to swiftly and rigorously constrained any threat that may arise”.

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