7 recommendations on the crisis in Acre

Conectas responds to news about the closure of the border with Peru Conectas responds to news about the closure of the border with Peru

News that government authorities in the state of Acre have requested the closure of the border with Peru to control the entry of Haitians into Brazil prompted an immediate response from Conectas. The organization, which since August has been denouncing the limitations of the policy of issuing humanitarian visas and the precarious conditions at the shelter in Brasiléia, sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Chief of Staff with 7 recommendations for the interministerial meeting that will address the crisis next week.


The document points out that the overcrowding at the shelter – identified as the reason for the request to close the border – is nothing new. The federal government itself has already promised to organize a task force to improve the conditions there. The shelter, designed for 300 people, according to the Acre state government, currently holds more than 1,200 immigrants.


“The closure of the border would not only violate the human rights of the immigrants, but would also represent a major setback in the humanitarian reception announced by the Brazilian government,” reads the letter.


In addition to immediately deploying the task force, Conectas has requested the construction of an emergency shelter to reduce the risks of overcrowding, the improvement of the job selection process and the strengthening of the policy of issuing humanitarian visas.


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