4th Course on Journalism and Human Rights

List of 20 selected students released for fourth edition of Reporter of the Future module

The 4th Course on Journalism and Human Rights, which will take place in São Paulo between September 16 and November 25, received 258 registrations from students from 49 universities in 15 Brazilian states.

Registration was open from July 31 to August 18 on the websites of Conectas, Oboré and Abraji (Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism), the organizers of the course module.

From these 258 applicants, the examination board formed by the three organizations and the journalist and professor from ESPM (Graduate School in Advertising and Marketing) Andre Deak, the course coordinator, selected 20 students. See below the list of the selected students:


  • Bárbara Cyrillo Blum – International Relations – PUC-SP – 5th semester
  • Bruna Luiza Mendonça Frasson – Journalism – Cásper Líbero – 4th semester
  • Carolina Bianchini Bonini – Law – Law School/USP – 8th semester
  • Eduardo Rocca Batista – International Relations – IRI/USP
  • Guilherme Nodare Eler – Journalism – ECA/USP – 8th semester
  • Isabella Câmara – Journalism – Cásper Líbero – 4th semester
  • Jennifer Mendonça Anunciação – Journalism – Cásper Líbero – 8th semester
  • João Marcello Bertazza Jorge Marques – International Relations – PUC-SP – 8th semester
  • Júlia Castello de Goulart Almeida – Journalism – PUC-SP – 4th semester
  • Juliana Avila Gritti – Journalism – Cásper Líbero – 4th semester
  • Laís Ferreira Martins – Journalism – PUC-SP – 8th semester
  • Lorine Jodar Oliveira – International Relations – PUC-SP – 8th semester
  • Lucas Estanislau – Journalism – PUC-SP – 4th semester
  • Mélanie Aguiar Layet – Journalism – PUC-SP – 8th semester
  • Natália de Oliveira Mota – Journalism – PUC-SP – 6th semester
  • Paula Fernandes Lepinski – Journalism – ECA/USP – 7th semester
  • Paulo Augusto Sartorio Yamamoto – Journalism – PUC-SP – 6th semester
  • Renata de Oliveira – Journalism – Anhembi Morumbi – 8th semester
  • Rodrigo Emannuel de Souza Amorim – Journalism – FIAM-FAAM – 5th semester
  • Sarah Furtado Provenzano – Journalism – Faculdade Rio Branco – 6th semester


  • Ana Carolina Rezende Ferraz
  • Barbara Marques Rodrigues Gomes
  • Gabriel Azzi Collet e Silva
  • Jamile Santana
  • Paloma Andrade de Vasconcelos
  • Simone Nascimento

The selected students must confirm their interest by sending an email to reporterdofuturo@obore.com and enroll on Tuesday, September 12, at the offices of OBORÉ (Av. Paulista 2300 – pilotis – Ed. São Luiz Gonzaga – São Paulo – SP). Failure to do so will result in their places being offered to students on the waiting list.

About the Course
The course will begin at 9 am on September 16, at the offices of Conectas. In all, there will be seven meetings, always on Saturdays.

The module will address reporting techniques and tools for journalism, public financing of large-scale construction projects, conditions in the Brazilian prison system, police reform, Brazil’s role in the UN and the OAS, and how Brazilian arms fuel conflicts around the world.

Money-Back Deal
Upon enrollment, each student must provide a check in the amount of one month’s minimum wage (R$937.00) and sign the Money-Back Deal. If the deal is complied with in full, the student will receive a 100% scholarship from OBORÉ and their check will be returned.

Non-compliance with any of the following four conditions will imply full payment of the course: (1) participate in all the meetings; (2) produce all the weekly writing exercises; (3) participate in at least one one-on-one session; and (4) have at least one article on the course topics published in a media outlet with its own editor.

In the event of PLAGIARISM or any other form of FRAUD in the articles produced, the student will be notified and they will lose their right to the REFUND and the course certificate.

September 16 | 9 am to 2 pm
Reporting techniques and tools for journalism
André Deak, course coordinatorSeptember 23 | 9 am to 2 pm
Public financing of large-scale construction projects: rules for respecting life and the environment
Caio Borges, coordinator of the Business and Human Rights program

October 7 | 9 am to 2 pm
How Brazilian arms fuel conflicts around the world
Jefferson Nascimento, adviser to the Foreign Policy program

October 21 | 9 am to 2 pm
Country of Impunity!? What is the reality of the Brazilian prison system?
Marcos Fuchs, associate director 

October 28 | 9 am to 2 pm
We need to talk about the police
Rafael Custódio, coordinator of the Justice program

November 11 | 9 am to 2 pm
What is the role of Brazil in the UN and the OAS?
Camila Asano, coordinator of the Foreign Policy program 

November 25 | 9 am to 2 pm
Fellowship and Assessment Meeting
Assessment of the course and student performance and the awarding of certificates


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