Electoral timetable must be announced urgently


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the convening of a Constituent Assembly whose members will be indirectly elected by certain sectors of the population. Conectas joins the voices that are rejecting the assembly at a time of heightened political tension (Provea, May 8, 2017) and when convened in an irregular manner, in violation of the constitutional guarantee for a universal vote.

Echoing a number of other organizations from the region, Conectas reiterates the call for the establishment of a clear electoral timetable for regional, municipal and presidential elections in the country (Wola, May 5, 2017).

Conectas also expresses its concern over the death of more than 30 people in demonstrations so far in 2017 and calls on the government to guarantee the right to protest, in line with the public statement made by Venezuela’s Chief Prosecutor, Luisa Dias Ortega, on April 19.

A solution to the crisis in Venezuela involves the establishment of social dialogue and constructive political negotiations that lead to the observance of the Constitution and respect for human rights.


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