Transparency: Conectas’ work in 2020

Annual Report summarizes the organization's work in defense of human rights, in the last 1 year of Covid-19 pandemic

Committed to transparency in the society, the Conectas 2020 Annual Report shows how the organization acted actively and purposefully in the defense of human rights in a year marked with pandemic and the resurgence of authoritarianism by Bolsonaro government.

Our consolidated presence; which has been a force to reckon with, in decision-making corridors, such as the National Congress and the UN, has allowed us maintain our respect for dialogue, even with the remote dynamics of the pandemic.

On various fronts, Conectas worked intensively to protect the rights of those in utmost need. It is also important to state that there were countless accusations, mobilizations, lawsuits and proposals instigated by Conectas that paved way to a significant difference and imposed defeats on the government’s conservative project.

Want to know more? Access our 2020 activities report here.

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