Sixth episode of Cara Pessoa analyzes structural racism

In partnership with the Folha newspaper, Conectas releases a podcast on human rights issues with a new episode every Friday

Structural racism, its intersections and scope is the topic of the sixth episode of the podcast Cara Pessoa, which was broadcast on Friday, November 19. The guests on the program include Silvio Almeida, a professor, philosopher and author of the book “Racismo Estrutural” (Structural Racism), Jurema Werneck, a doctor, feminist and founder of the NGO Criola that fights for the rights of black women, and the singer Sandra de Sá.

The psychologist Lia Vainer Schucman also talks about her research on racism and whiteness, alongside Robin DiAngelo, an American author who works in the fields of critical discourse analysis and whiteness in society, and the journalist Bianca Santanna.

Hosted by the journalist Fernanda Mena, Cara Pessoa is jointly produced by the Folha newspaper and Conectas, and broadcast every Friday, at 9 am, on all the main audio streaming platforms.

The narrative of the episodes adopts a format of reading letters that are addressed to the listeners. In this manner, various stories of human rights thinkers are told in a light-hearted and creative way.

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