Senate hearing debates welcoming Syrians and Afghans in Brazil

Event, scheduled for Friday (19), brings together activists, refugees and experts in human rights

Plenário do Senado Federal. Foto: Pedro França/Agência Senado Plenário do Senado Federal. Foto: Pedro França/Agência Senado

Updated November 22, 2021

The Permanent Joint Commission on International Migration and Refugees, of the Senate, held a meeting on Friday (19th November), from 9:30 am (GMT), to deliberate on the situation of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan in Brazil and the challenges involved in welcoming these people. Read more on this here.

Activists and refugees from both countries took part in the public hearing, among who is a Syrian, represented by Abdulbaset Jarour; the coordinator of the Commission on Human Rights, Migrants and the Fight against Xenophobia, São Paulo State Council, as well as the Afghans; Fazel Ahmad and Amad Jaber.

In addition to those aforementioned  participants are; journalist Flávia Mantovani (a reporter for The Folha de S. Paulo newspaper), Camila Asano; Program coordinator at Conectas, and Judge Luciana Conforti; vice president of the National Association of Labor Court Magistrates.

Watch the exhibition by Camila Asano, from Conectas, at the public hearing:


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