“Religion and human rights” is the theme of the latest edition of the Sur Journal

This free online publication has 25 articles written by important authors and activists from a variety of countries

 “Religion and Human Rights” is the title of the 29th edition of Sur Journal, an international publication on human rights, edited by Conectas and published on Monday 19 August, in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

It is a biannual magazine and has 25 articles written by a variety of different authors from more than ten countries, like Brazil, France, Egypt, Thailand, Palestine, Iran and the United States.

Among other themes, texts address the legitimacy of language and of religious leaders from different countries in talking about human rights and about the responsibility of governments around the world to guarantee the free expression of widely diverse matrices. 

“To collect content that was both diverse and at the same time critical was the intention of the latest edition of Sur, which for the first time ventured into the complex terrain of religions and their intersection with the universe of human rights, the discourse, norms and agendas of which are supposedly secular.” Said Maryuri Mora Grisales, Executive Editor of Sur Magazine.

The issue is divided into six areas that take an international perspective on the theme, its connection to the migratory cause, the relationship between politics and religious activities, the threat of religious dogmatism, spirituality expressed through art, the freedom of religion and its contribution to the fight for rights.

The magazine also has a photographic section that poetically investigates diversity and the beauty of different spiritual ceremonies.


About Sur

Sur – International Human Rights Magazine, is published by Conectas and seeks to influence the global human rights agenda by promoting and publicising innovative ideas, principally from the global south, in human rights practice.

The publication is edited in Portuguese, English and Spanish with free online access for its public of over 20,000 people, in over 100 countries. A paper version is also distributed to some of the most important libraries, universities, international organisations and cultural centres around the world.

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