Penultimate episode of Cara Pessoa addresses abortion in Brazil

In partnership with the Folha newspaper, Conectas releases a podcast on human rights issues with a new episode every Friday

Released on Friday, December 11, the eighth episode of the Cara Pessoa podcast produced by the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo in partnership with Conectas addresses abortion in Brazil and the risk to women’s lives.

The program demonstrates that even in legal cases, the procedure comes under pressure from anti-abortion activists, most of whom are religious.

Cases such as the 10-year-old girl from the state of Espírito Santo who got pregnant after being raped by her uncle and in the hospital where the medical procedure was performed, there were several anti-abortion protesters trying to prevent the examination.

This week’s Cara Pessoa podcast features the evangelical pastor Lusmarina Garcia, a theologian and feminist who views the subject as a health issue that has nothing to do with faith.

In addition to the pastor, the guests include Sônia Correa, a participant at the International Conference on Population and Development of Cairo, in 1994, Rebeca Mendes, a mother who has already had an abortion but who had to leave the country to get treatment, and the obstetrician Helena Paro, who heads up a service to treat victims of sexual violence and perform legal abortions at the Federal University of Uberlândia.

The Cara Pessoa podcast is available every Friday, at 9 am, on all the main audio streaming platforms.

The narrative of the episodes adopts a format of reading letters that are addressed to the listeners. In this manner, various stories of human rights thinkers are told in a light-hearted and creative way.

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