Organizations warn of threats to indigenous leader in Peru

Letter expressing concern for the safety of Apu Miguel Guimarães and members of AIDESEP

Foto: Gabriel Guerra/ Conectas Foto: Gabriel Guerra/ Conectas

On Friday (10th) May 2024, civil society organizations signed a petition expressing concern about the risks faced by members of AIDESEP (Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Jungle). The letter specifically highlights the safety of Apu Miguel Guimarães, vice-president of AIDESEP, who has been suffering constant threats.

Apu Miguel Guimarães has a history of threats over the years. In April 2024, his house was invaded, with his belongings stolen and threatening messages left, in October of 2020 also, he received a death threat via WhatsApp message. Irrespective of this occurrences, Guimarães continues to defend the rights of indigenous communities throughout Peru.

Over 45 civil society organizations, including Conectas, come together to sign the petition, expressing solidarity and support for Apu Miguel Guimarães and other indigenous human rights defenders in Peru. In the document, the entities ask the Peruvian State to guarantee the safety of Miguel Guimarães and the members of AIDESEP, in addition to ensuring the effective implementation of the protection mechanism for human rights defenders.

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