Organizations ask the Federal Government to ensure migratory rights for Haitians after earthquake

The letter addressed to Itamaraty (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and the Ministry of Justice also requests logistical support for Haitians to find their families in Brazil

Foto: Marcello Casal Jr/Wikimedia Commons Foto: Marcello Casal Jr/Wikimedia Commons

On Wednesday (25th of August), civil society organizations asked two ministers; Carlos França, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Anderson Torres, from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, to support Haitian migrants who desire to relocate to Brazil as a result of another environmental catastrophe that hit the Caribbean country again recently.

“We ask the Federal Government to include the guarantee of emergency protection and logistical support for the family reunification of these immigrants in Brazil. As well as, ensure the immediate entry of Haitian citizens into the national territory, especially those who wish to rebuild their lives in our country”, states a letter signed by more than 25 civil society bodies, who are active specialists in Migration Law and welcoming people like migrants and refugees.

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