Live | Sur 27 editors discuss internet and democracy

Natália Neris and Mariana Valente (InternetLab) participated in a live debate on the theme of the 27th edition of the magazine.

By the end of 2017, approximately 54.4% of the world population was using internet to some degree. With the democratisation of access to the internet and as electronic devices become cheaper, the trend is for significant increases in the coming years.

This year, with a number of electoral disputes taking place, including in Brazil, the need not only to understand the role of democracy, but also to reflect on the democratisation of the internet, has arisen.  Themes such as the dissemination of fake news and the use of social media as an electoral campaign tool, as well as the issue of the neutrality of the internet, are on the table.

In the broadcast that you can watch in full below, Natália Neris and Mariana Valente, coordinators at InternetLab talk about the Internet and Democracy, the focus of the 27th edition of the Sur Magazine, which they contributed to as guest Editors. They also write on feminism on the internet.

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