Live | Opening the black box of international arms trading in Brazil

Natália Pollachi (Sou da Paz) and David Magalhães (PUC-SP) discuss changes after the country signs the ATT.

Brazil is the third largest exporter of small and light weapons in the world, according to the Small Arms Survey. However, these transactions have always been an unknown factor, hidden from society.

Now, after over five years wait, the country is finally on the verge of signing the Arms Trade Treaty, a global agreement that regulates the international trade of conventional weapons, a category that includes from revolvers and ammunition to tanks.

On Thursday, 12, Jefferson Nascimento, a specialist on this issue at Conectas will talk to David Magalhães, Research Professor at PUC – SP and FAAP and to Natália Pollachi, Project Coordinator at Sou da Paz, to discuss how this decision can help open up the black box.

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