International NGOs condemn Trump attacks on democracy in the United States

In a joint statement, organizations call for the president to be held accountable for the violent acts that left five dead at the Capitol

Thirteen organizations from different countries in the Americas, including WOLA (Washington Office on Latin America)CELS (Center for Legal and Social Studies) and Conectas, condemned on Thursday, January 14, the violent acts committed by far-right groups instigated by President Donald Trump against the United States Capitol Building, in Washington, DC.

In a joint statement, the organizations said that Trump bears “significant responsibility” for the acts of violence that caused the death of five people and that put congressional leaders, staff and journalists in harm’s way, and they requested the punishment of the president.

“President Trump’s failure to accept the results of the November 2020 presidential election and his efforts to undermine the confidence in the electoral process – even after the U.S. judicial system has repeatedly rejected his challenges – are deplorable,” said the organizations in the statement.

“As organizations coming from different countries in the Americas, who have long suffered the effects of coups, military dictatorships and the erosion of democracy and its institutions, we call on the U.S. authorities to hold Mr. Trump and his allies accountable for their actions,” they concluded.

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