In opposition to restrictions imposed on migrants in Brazil, organizations send warning letter to United States

Ten organizations sign a letter sent to the new U.S. government on violations of migrant and refugee rights in Brazil during the pandemic

Civil society organizations requested this Wednesday, March 10, that the United States pay attention to the restrictions imposed on migrants and refugees seeking asylum in Brazil during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The joint letter, signed by ten organizations, was addressed to the White House to congratulate President Joe Biden for assuming office and reversing the restrictive migration policies adopted by the Trump administration and also to warn the country of the coercive measures taken by the Brazilian government against migrants.

The document takes into account the power of the United States to influence other countries and seeks a diplomatic relationship aimed at reducing the repression taking place in Brazil.

The letter also points out that, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Brazilian government stepped up restrictions on migration and increased the repression against the migrant population already in the country.

“The multidimensional crisis that we are experiencing due to the pandemic has aggravated, exacerbated and deepened the pre-existing inequalities and vulnerabilities of the migrant population in Brazil,” warn the organizations.

Read the document in full here (in English).

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