Human rights organizations highlight method to be adopted in vaccinating against Covid-19

In a letter, organizations present proposal to the supreme court on new ways to combat the pandemic

This last Friday, on 11th of December, civil society organization and human right groups came together to write a letter to the STF (Supreme Federal Court). In the letter, they wrote about five things to take into consideration when deciding about future phase of vaccination against pandemic caused by covid-19.

They are concerned about the procedure of vaccination and risk groups. The organizations asked the Supreme court to take into account, Groups, especially vulnerable people, that have already been marginalized before quarantine because of the uneven health system in Brazil.

According to the policy, The United Health System (SUS) is to adopt universal vaccination.  However, this will not go around. So, it is vital to prioritize vulnerable people and essential workers.

The organizations are still concerned about the way the officials from the three spheres of government can come together, in order to strengthen the SUS and value the scientific community in Brazil now and beyond this quarantine phase.

In the communication, where they talked about people to be prioritized for vaccination. The organizations affirm that, there is no personal or political interest, and that the prioritization and valorization of science are solely based on the commitment for the masses that has been on the queue to be immunized.

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