Global Coalition publishes appeal to protect elections and human rights

The appeal calls for advertisers to unite in pressuring Big Techs to fight misinformation and hate speech in the 2024 elections

Foto: Manjunath KIRAN / AFP Foto: Manjunath KIRAN / AFP

On this International Day for Countering Hate Speech, June 18, civil society organizations and digital rights experts, through the Global Coalition for Tech Justice, published a statement calling on advertisers to join the fight to protect elections and human rights in the face of the neglect of major tech companies. The declaration, which demands the urgent adoption and enforcement of measures to contain threats in an equitable manner worldwide, follows up on the document released in April that showed how tech platforms have failed to protect the 2024 electoral process.

This new appeal was published after digital platforms repeatedly ignored requests from these entities to protect the integrity of elections and human rights in this crucial year for democracy, with over 60 elections taking place globally. So far, the tech business has not done its part.

Signed by over 170 organizations and 50 digital rights experts, the declaration highlights the failure of platforms in countering misinformation, hate speech and electoral manipulations amplified by artificial intelligence. 

“Our future depends on standing together until Big Tech is forced to put human and civil rights first and protect the integrity of our civic space. Advertisers can wield tremendous power when it comes to influencing the behavior of Big Techs and protecting our democracies and human rights,” the document states.

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