Event discussing the changes bridged by the migration law and obstacles to be overcome

A virtual meeting will be held this Friday 18th, Migrant day. In this meeting, there will be a publication on how it becomes a law

On Friday 18th, Conectas, in conjunction with Laudes foundation and Mission Peace will hold an event.

“Migrant Day: Advocacy and perspectives on the Migration Law” to discuss progress and challenges faced in the last three years of creating the Law.

Venezuelan Journalist Paula Ramon, an AFP correspondent will present and anchor the event.  The virtual meeting will have in attendance Migrants, Activists and Scholars

It will be broadcasted on YouTube from 10.30am and no registration is required.

The conference will also feature the launching of the book “Foreigner never again! Migrant as a subject of law and the importance of advocacy by the new Brazilian law”, written by Cyntia Sampaio and Ebenezer de Oliveira.




Camila Asano (Conectas)
Luciana Campello (Laudes Foundation)
Father Paolo Praise (Peace Mission)

Presentation of the book

Ebenezer de Oliveira
Historian, master in public Policy, specialist in Public Policy and Government Management   

Cyntia Sampaio
Masters in Migration and Intercultural Relations. Co-author of “Migratory policies at the local level: analysis on the institutionalization of municipal policy for the immigrant population of Sao Paulo.

The importance of the Migration Act

Prof. Rosana Baeninger
Master in Sociology and PhD in Social Sciences. Coordinator of the Migration Observatory in Sao Paulo

The role of Civil Society

Elisa de Araujo
Advocacy Adviser of Conectas and Activist of the Black Coalition for Rights and the Black Women`s Movement Decide.


Prof. Luiz Vedovato
Associate Researcher at the Migration Observatory in Sao Paulo and Professor at PUC Campinas and UNICAMP.


Graduated in International Relations. Founder of the Voice of the Coongo Project.


Event: Migrant Day: Advocacy and Perspectives on the Migration Act Broadcas: Conectas Channel on Youtube
Date : 18/12, Friday
Time: 10:30a.m
Free and Without Prior Registration

Read the book “Foreigner, never again! Migrants as subjects of law and the importance of advocacy under the new Brazilian Migration Law”

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