Crisis in Venezuela

Venezuelan NGOs and Mercosur reject U.S. military intervention

Human rights organizations and activists have rejected a possible “military option” led by the United States as a solution to the political and economic crisis in Venezuela. The idea was raised by U.S. President Donald Trump during an interview.

In a statement, 34 Venezuelan organizations, many today considered opponents of the Maduro government, expressed concern over the declaration by Trump and condemned any intervention by the international community – or any one country – that would result in more suffering for the Venezuelan people. The document reasserts the need to strengthen the human rights protection mechanisms that will enable a peaceful negotiation to the crisis facing the country.

In a press conference held on August 11, Trump said he had considered several options for Venezuela, including the military option, if necessary. “We are all over the world and we have troops all over the world in places that are very far away. Venezuela is not very far away and people are suffering and dying.”

Trump’s statements provoked reactions from Mercosur. In a statement, the countries of the trade bloc said that “the only acceptable means of promoting democracy are dialogue and diplomacy. The repudiation of violence and any option that implies the use of force is inalienable and constitutes the fundamental basis for democratic coexistence, both internally and in international relations.”

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