Coronavirus pandemic: how can you help the prevention?

Solidarity initiatives to reduce the impact among the most vulnerable populations

By the publication date of this article, Brazil had already recorded 555,383 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infections and 31,199 deaths. The number of cases is increasing at a similar pace or even more quickly than in countries like Spain, the United States and Italy, when compared to the same stage of the spread of the virus.

In addition, a large portion of Brazilian society is in a situation of greater exposure and vulnerability to the virus. They are residents of favelas and urban outskirts, indigenous peoples, homeless people living on the streets and those deprived of liberty. 

According to data from December 2019 from Infopen, the Ministry of Justice’s Prison Information Survey, Brazil had 755,274 prisoners in facilities with an overcrowding rate of 41.4%, and 10,273 of them were over 60 years old. 

The survey also reveals that 17,636 incarcerated people have comorbidities – in this case, Infopen only considers diagnosed cases of HIV and tuberculosis, which are 35 times more prevalent in prisons than in the rest of society.

How can you help the population and professionals on the front lines during the pandemic?

In order to contribute to the efforts of governments and reduce the impacts of the virus, several civil society organizations have launched solidarity campaigns targeting the most exposed populations to raise funds and do more to address the challenges imposed by the health crisis in the country.

In this article, Conectas lists a number of initiatives you can help that assist vulnerable groups. In addition to these, see four other projects that are also in need of donations to continue their activities during the pandemic:

1 – Campaign “#VemPraGuerra” (#JoinTheWar), of the Hospital das Clínicas teaching
hospital in São Paulo

2 – Emergency Fund for trans people

3 – Maré Complex against Coronavirus

4 – Support for the indigenous peoples of the Xingu Territory

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