Conectas programme coordinator receives Beth Lobo Human Hights Award

Camila Asano has received a tribute awarded to people and organisations that stand out in the fight against gender violence

Camila Asano, Conectas Programme Coordinator, was one of nine people who Alesp (Sao Paulo Legislative Assembly) paid tribute to in the fifth edition of the Beth Lobo Human Rights of Women Award. The awards session took place on 8 March,  International Day of the Women’s Movement, at the Juscelino Kubitschek plenary hall.

The ceremony was created by the former congressman, Adriano Diogo and pays tribute to people and organisations involved in the fight against gender discrimination. This year, the event brought together local politicians, union representatives and associations and collectives for the defence and protection of women.

During her speech, Camila stressed the relevance of this event in the current political climate. “It is important that democratic institutions are recognised. We are going through a delicate time in terms of human rights and recognition of solid institutions that guarantee the rights of all people, above all minorities, is fundamental.” She said.

The Instituto Geledés da Mulher Negra; former President Dilma Rousseff, Dalila Eugênia Dias Figueiredo, President of Asbrad (Brazilian Association for the Defence of Women, Childhood and Adolescence); Adriana Barbosa, Founder of the Instituto Feira Preta; Artist, Joyce Fernandes, also know as Preta Rara; Josiane Bernardes, from the Movimento Bem Querer Mulher; Natacha Lopes, Executive Fashion Producer at Pansocial and Tereza Lara, Leader of Estrela Guia, an association for the housing movement, were the eight most significant people at the Beth Lobo this year.

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