At UN, Conectas calls for strengthening of fight against torture in Brazil

The organization raises warnings about custody hearings, therapeutic communities and abusive searches

Conectas has denounced in the UN the conduct of the Brazilian State in the fight against torture. The organization pointed out, on Tuesday, March 14, the setbacks on the matter during the previous government of Jair Bolsonaro. 

The statement was made at the 52nd session of the UN Human Rights Council, when the organization pointed out that the National System to Combat and Prevent Torture is still too weak, facing budgetary problems. 

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The complaint also raised concerns about pre-trial custody hearings, which are still being conducted remotely in the justice system. “As such, the in-person presentation of the arrested person before a judge has not fully resumed and, in many states, not even the procedure with the Public Defender’s Office is in-person,” said Arquias Cruz, advocacy advisor at Conectas, who presented the complaint to the Council.

In the statement, Conectas asked the UN to question Brazil about its obligations to prevent and combat torture and it also drew attention to the abusive searches in prisons that violate the rights of prisoners and their family members who visit them.

Watch the full video of the statement:

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