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Sao Paulo, Brazil – July to August 2011- year V - nº 6
Conectas Direitos Humanos

Mozambican fellows - Saite, Katia, Nyusi e Ferosa (from left to right) - talk about their expectations for the next five months in Sao Paulo. Photo: Conectas / July 2011

Every year, Conectas brings activists from Lusophone Africa to Brazil as part of the Human Rights Fellowship Program. For the 8th edition of this program, Conectas receives four activists from Mozambique. They will have the opportunity to improve their expertise in human rights attending classes and training courses and exchange experiences in the internships within partner organizations. Before returning home, the activists will present a project to be developed within their organizations in Mozambique over a 12-month period.


The theme of the XI Colloquium International Human Rights, organized by Conectas, is “Implementation of International and Regional Human Rights Decisions and Recommendations”. We encourage applications from human rights activists from the Global South who have experience on working to this theme or are interested in expanding their work on it. Applications will be accepted until August 7.

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Click here and watch the testimonies of 2010 Colloquium participants


Conectas discusses pretrial detention in Latin America
Civil society organizations mobilize against the abusive use of this measure and for the right to defense at a meeting in Ecuador
Open letter criticizes first “Medicines Patent Pool” license
Conectas and other organizations criticize agreement that excludes Brazil and other developing countries from access to generic drugs Conectas participates in pre-conference of São Paulo State Public Defender’s Office
Proposals on issues such as the prison system and education in human rights were addressed National Council on Criminal and Prison Policy discusses São Paulo prison system
Conectas and other civil society organizations present their priorities at a meeting held in Brasília
Parliament of Guinea-Bissau bans female genital mutilation
Augusto Mário da Silva, a participant of Conectas' Fellowship Program, commemorates and tells how he contributed to this result FOREIGN POLICY UN Security Council holds meeting to discuss worsening of human rights violations in Syria
Conectas sent a letter to the Brazilian government asking its support to the condemnation of abuses by the Security Council Brazil participated in Arms Trade Treaty negotiation
Conectas, Instituto Sou da Paz and Viva Rio called for active and committed position from Brazilian government UN rapporteur sends communication to Brazil on criminalization of abortion
Civil society organizations provide additional information on the topic

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call for papers

conectas in the media

Brazil "repudiates" conflict, but opposes punishment
O Estado de S. Paulo - 02/08

Word "hell" finds translation in prisons
Folha de S. Paulo - 07/16

"Many countries remain outside the international consortium for the production of antiretrovirals", criticize humanitarian organizations
Agência de Notícias da AIDS - 07/13

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Edition: Fernanda Goto and Natália Suzuki. Translation: Barney Whiteoak