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Sao Paulo, Brazil – August to September 2011- year V - nº 7
Conectas Direitos Humanos

Burmese human rights defenders and Conectas' staff during meeting at the House of Representatives in Brasilia. Photo: Conectas / August 2011
“Use your freedom to support the freedom of the Burmese people”, appeals activist

The human rights defenders, Ah Noh and Thaung Htun, were in Brazil from August 22 to 26 on a mission organized by Conectas Human Rights. The two main purposes of the visit were to expose the serious human rights situation in Burma (Myanmar) and to request the support of the Brazilian government to create a Commission of Inquiry within the UN. The matter will be voted in the next session of the General Assembly, which begins in September. The week the activists spent in Brazil, they had meetings in the capital Brasilia with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Secretary for Human Rights, the Special Advisory Office for International Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic, the House of Representatives and the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB). In Sao Paulo, they met with lawyers, human rights organizations, academics and unions.


Conectas Human Rights and the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) have released the report “Access to Justice: Human Rights Abuses by Corporations in Brazil”. This is a new research project to map the legal instruments available in Brazil, both to regulate the impact of business activity on human rights and to hold companies accountable for rights violations.

Report presents recommendations to improve Brazil’s legal framework on human rights abuses involving corporations


13th Issue of the Sur Journal is available online
Special edition focuses on regional human rights mechanisms

Conectas participates in Sao Paulo Public Defender’s Office State Conference
Proposals presented with partners were approved to comprise the Office’s Biennial Plan of Action Public Consultation: “Institutional policy on treatment of pretrial detainees in the state of Sao Paulo”
Conectas and partners submit contributions on the topic to the Higher Council of the Public Defender’s Office Public statement: Events for the Judiciary over the autonomy and independence of the Judicial Branch
Civil society criticizes the lack of regulation on sponsorship of events for the Judicial Branch FOREIGN POLICY Process to strengthen the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Civil society organizations submit contributions to IACHR consultation on procedure for choosing Executive Secretary Conectas and other organizations meet Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs
Discussion addressed topics on the international agenda such as Rio+20 and Brazil’s reaction to the precautionary measures of the IACHR in the Belo Monte case

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2011 colloquium
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Conectas selected 50 human rights activists from the Global South

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