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Sao Paulo, Brazil – April and May - year V nº 4
Conectas Direitos Humanos

Activits with the GLBT flag at the Brazilian National Congress (Photo: Wiki Commons/ Antonio Cruz - ABr/ May 2009)

Conectas, in partnership with other organizations, has presented amici curiae briefs in support of the Direct Action of Unconstitutionality (ADI) 4277 and the Allegation of Violation of Fundamental Precepts (ADPF) 132/RJ, which gave conditions to the recognition of same-sex union. As a result of the decision of the Brazilian Supreme Court, same-sex couples now enjoy the same rights that were previously restricted to heterosexual unions, such as those related to alimony, inheritance and the inclusion of a dependent in a health insurance plan.

Watch Conectas' oral statement at the Brazilian Supreme Court
NGOs present research on intellectual property and access to medicines in Brazil
In April 29th, Conectas Human Rights and the Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association (ABIA) organized the seminar "Access to Medicines in Brazil: Drug Registration, Patents and Bills of Law", in São Paulo, in which the organizations presented the preliminary results of two researches developed throughout 2010 with the support of the Ministry of Health and UNESCO.

Marcela Vieira, Conectas' Lawyer, afirms that Brazilian law does not adopt all the protective measures provided to health internationally
(Photo: ABIA/2011)

Civil society stresses importance of precautionary measures in the Belo Monte case
Conectas and other organizations speak out against the OAS General Secretariat's statements
Support for the UN Special Rapporteurs’ Press Release on the death of Osama Bin Laden
In the public statement, Conectas, CELS and Corporación Humanas requires respect for internacional law

Lower House debates Brazilian foreign policy on human rights
Public hearing staged in partnership with the Brazilian Human Rights and Foreign Policy Committee is attended by government representatives
Conectas participates in the civil society consultation on UN treaty body system in Seoul
NGOs discuss proposals to strength mechanisms to address human rights violations

JUSTICE Conectas and Public Defender’s Office discuss Crimes of May from 2006 in São Paulo
Civil society calls for State to investigate cases of summary execution Civil society organizations applaud sanction of bill on Precautionary Measures in Brazil
New law creates alternatives to the detention of suspects in criminal cases Education in the Brazilian prison system is topic of debate
Civil society organizations and government representatives discuss the state of education for the prison population

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call for papers
conectas in the media

Human rights and homosexual organizations defend same-sex union
JusBrasil Notícias - 04/05

Justice Ayres Britto: “The absence of law does not mean the absence of rights”
Carta Capital - 04/05

Human rights and homosexual organizations defend same-sex union
Notícias STF - 04/05

Homosexual union: Supreme Court begins ruling with vote by judge who supports recognition

Jornal do Brasil - 04/05

Seminar about the access to medicines in Brazil
Agência Aids- 17/04

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Edition: Fernanda Goto e Natália Suzuki. Translation: Barney Whiteoak