Conectas develops its activities through three programs - South-South Cooperation, Foreign Policy and Justice - that interact together and encompass national, regional and international activities. The individual projects of each program aim to strengthen human rights defenders and academics in the Global South and to foster interaction between them, through collaborative networks. They also aim to strengthen international protection of human rights by monitoring the foreign policy of Global South countries. In Brazil, Conectas promotes advocacy, strategic and public interest litigation.

The SOUTH-SOUTH COOPERATION PROGRAM aims to increase the impact of the work of human rights defenders, academics and organizations from the Global South (Africa, Asia and Latin America). It therefore develops education, research, networking and advocacy activities. The program also aims to facilitate access by Global South activists to the mechanisms of the United Nations (UN) and regional human rights systems.

The South-South Cooperation Program consists of the following projects:
From 2004 to 2011, the Program also carried out the Human Rights Fellowship Program for Lusophone Africa, which is currently being reformulated. 

The FOREIGN POLICY AND HUMAN RIGHTS PROGRAM aims to strengthen international protection of human rights by monitoring and influencing the foreign policy of Global South countries, particularly Brazil. It also aims at promoting the use of the UN and regional human rights systems by NGOs from Africa, Asia and Latin America.
In 2010, Conectas established a permanent representation in Geneva (Switzerland), in partnership with the organizations Centro de Estudios Legales e Sociales (Argentina) and Corporación Humanas (Chile).
The JUSTICE PROGRAM aims at preventing and reversing practices of human rights violations in Brazil involving public and private actors, and at strengthening democratic institutions through judicial, administrative and political actions. To this end, it develops activities to participate in the constitutional debate, strategic litigation, advocacy and the fostering of public debates.

The Justice Program consists of the following projects:
Since 2012, Conectas has been developing a project on Business and Human Rights.

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