About STF in Focus

STF in Focus is a database of cases, analyses and multimedia materials that shortens the distance between society and the decisions of Brazil’s Supreme Court (STF) on the subject of human rights. The project derives from the ongoing involvement of Conectas in the constitutional debate. Since it was created 12 years ago, the organization has filed more than 40 amicus curiae briefs - the highest number by any civil society organization.
Amicus curiae briefs are legal instruments that present the views and opinions of civil society to Supreme Court justices, in an attempt to inform and influence the rulings. They have been responsible, in large part, for increasing the participation of NGOs in the Supreme Court since 1988 and for enriching the debate on the interpretation of the human rights guaranteed by the Constitution. In addition to being the ultimate interpreter of fundamental law in Brazil, the court has therefore established itself as a place where civil society and the state meet to shape the country’s democracy.

In each of the 12 categories below, you will find human rights cases that have either been heard or are still pending in the Supreme Court that involved the participation of Conectas.