Some results achieved

Conectas has had important achievements in the last years, such as: 

• Influenced and increased visibility and public scrutiny on foreign policy on human rights, especially the Brazilian voting record at the UN and the country’s position regarding a human rights crisis in a specific country, such as Sudan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Iran and North Korea;
• Raised media coverage of the Brazilian foreign policy, through briefs to journalists, number of interviews and publication of op-eds;
• Improved checks and balances in the foreign policy making process, as the Human Rights Committee of the House of Representatives incorporated in its agenda the issue of foreign policy;
• Produced high quality technical information on Brazil’s positions on human rights, by publishing three issues of the yearbook: “Human Rights: Brazil at the UN”, a source of information for NGOs, journalists, academia and governments officials;
• Produced support materials for NGOs to access the UN and regional mechanisms, such as the Road Map for the UPR – a more action-oriented, easily accessible format;
• Gave capacity building and technical support to NGOs to access the UN and regional human rights systems and attend their sessions, more than 500 human rights defenders from 25 countries were beneficiated;
• Made use of international and regional human rights mechanisms to promote improvements on the ground, by giving visibility to violations and increasing the political cost of their continuance, such as in the cases of the Espírito Santo state prison system and right to health and access to medicines;
• Increased the presence of Latin American civil society in the UN Human Rights Council, by attending the sessions and having a permanent representation in Geneva.